Conference Program

Celle Drilling 2021, 14 September at Congress Union Celle

8:30 Registration
8:50 Welcome
Thor Noevig, Chair, GeoEnergy Celle e.V.
Anne Bartetzko, Chair, Program Committee
9:00 Keynote Talk:
Geothermal energy from medium depth - A game changer for the energy transition in the North German Basin

Inga Moeck, Leibniz Institute for Applied Geophysics (LIAG)
9:30 Keynote Talk:
Challenges and Achievements in Drilling the Molasse Basin

Neil Farquharson, Erdwerk
10:00 Networking Break, Virtual Exhibition


10:30 - 12:00
Session 1:
Geothermal Energy
Chair: Junichi Sugiura
10:30 Mitigating drilling risks with geomechanical modelling: a geothermal case study
Giovanni Sosio, Schlumberger
11:00 TBA
Saket Srivastava, University of Oklahoma
11:30 Geothermal wells
Philipp Schroer, Fraunhofer IEG
Session 2:
Borehole hydraulics and wellbore stability
Chair: Becky Lepp
10:30 Evaluation of tool joints influence on the differential pressure while circulation of drilling fluid in the well annulus
Evgeniy Orlik, Baker Hughes
11:00 New insights on the origin of borehole breakouts from LWD Observations
Kai Stricker, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology KIT
11:30 Hole cleaning velocity correction due to string eccentricity and rotation
Roger Aragall, Baker Hughes
Session 3:
Data Analytics and Modelling
Chair: Andreas Ruch
10:30 Improving Drilling Data Quality: The foundamental step towards digitalitazion
Fabrizio Zausa, Eni Spa
11:00 Integrated Real-time Modeling and Simulation for Wellbore Hydraulics
Pedro Arevalo, Baker Hughes
11:30 Guidelines for Automated Wellbore Stability Workflows
Ye Yue, Clausthal University of Technology


12:00 Networking Break, Virtual Exhibition
13:00 Keynote Talk:
Rig Automation, challenges and way forward

Awais Baig, Schlumberger


13:30 - 15:00
Session 4:
Advanced Drilling Technology
Chair: Joachim Oppelt, Fred Florence
13:30 Optimization of the operating behaviour of a mud-powered hammer prototype for the exploitation of geothermal reservoirs in hard, crystalline rock formations
Erik Feldmann, Clausthal University of Technology
14:00 TU Clausthal 2020 Drillbotics Contribution
Felix Odebrett, Felix Krogmann, Dominique Fabio Briechle, Clausthal University of Technology
14:30 Bedretto Underground Laboratory for Geoenergies (BULG) Borehole Fracture Identification: Drill Hammer Measurements Whilst Drilling (MWD)
Simran Johal, Geo Energie Suisse
Session 5:
Drilling Equipment
Chair: Joep Beijer
13:30 Battery Energy Storage Systems for Drilling Rigs to reduce operating costs and the carbon footprint
Andreas Künnemann, Bentec
14:00 Downhole Drilling Motor with Real-Time Near-Bit Measurements
Steve Jones, Sanvean Technologies
14:30 Weight Monitoring System for Production Tubing
Carsten Braun , EXaL Technology
Session 6:
Dynamics and Bit Selection
Chair: Michael Neubert
13:30 Laboratory Study on the Effects of Vibration on Pipe- Cement Bonding
Helen Pedrus Chinweuba, Clausthal University of Technology
14:00 Reshaping Drilling Performance: Innovative Ridge Diamond Element Bit Optimizes Multiple Well Drilling in High Impact Formation
Ramadhan Yoan Mardiana, Schlumberger
14:30 Effect of Drillstring Stiffness on Experimental Downscaling of Drilling Vibrations
Catalin Teodoriu, University of Oklahoma


15:00 Networking, Virtual Exhibition

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