Celle Drilling 2022

The Way Ahead - Drilling Into the Next Decade

International Conference and Exhibition for Advanced Drilling Technology
13th and 14th September 2022 organized by GeoEnergy Celle e.V., Germany

Save the date: 13th/14th September 2022

Under the theme “Drilling Into the Next Decade” professionals from academia and industry will discuss the future of drilling technology, with a special emphasis on land drilling applications. The main topics of the conference are:

  • Remote Drilling Operations
  • Drilling Process Optimization and Drilling Automation
  • Data, Modeling, Validation and Simulation
  • Drilling Equipment and Software
  • Drilling Applications and Case Studies
  • Geothermal Wells
  • Well Integrity, Construction, Completion
  • Improving Energy Efficiency and Emissions

Celle Drilling 2022 provides a focused platform for the international exchange on these subjects and related topics.

Celle Drilling 2022 invites interested professionals from business and science to contribute papers, to discuss and present new technologies, and to meet experts at the digital conference place.