Conference Program

Celle Drilling 2022, 13th/14th September at Congress Union Celle

Tuesday, 13th September 2022
11:30 Registration
13:15 Welcome
13:30 Keynote Talk:
Can digital drilling solutions reduce well construction CAPEX ?

Matthew Forshaw, Baker Hughes
14:00 Keynote Talk:
Zero Carbon Lithium – Geothermal Energy as a Chance for Germany

Dr. Horst Kreuter, Vulcan Energie Ressourcen
14:30 Coffee Break & Networking


15:00 - 16:30
Session 1:
Drilling, Process Optimization / Automation
15:00 AI Powered Tool for Preventing Drilling Mud Losses
Vyom Shrivastava, Schlumberger
15:30 Real time prediction, detection, and mitigation of drilling bit issues during drilling with the focus on bit status evaluation using along string measurement (ASM) data along the wired pipe
Mostafa Gomar, Norwegian University of Science and Technology
16:00 Erosion Rate Models for Hole Cleaning Time Predictions
Roger Aragall, Baker Hughes
Session 2:
Borehole Hydraulics and Wellbore Stability
15:00 Experimental and numerical studies on releasing of the stuck pipe via BHA whirling
Krystof Machocki, Aramco
15:30 Weight Monitoring Systems for Production Strings
Carsten Braun, ITAG - IVE
16:00 Drilling the Limit Methodology in Adressing Limiters and Trialling new Technology towards Breakthtough Drilling Efficiencies
Fadi Mounzer, European Drilling Projects / Shell UK


16:30 Coffee Break & Networking
17:00 - 18:00
Session 3:
Drilling, Process Optimization / Automation
17:00 Presentation of the small-scale drilling rig technology developed for the 2022 Drillbotics® International University Competition
Charalampos Soilemezidis, Clausthal University of Technology
17:30 Recommending Optimum Parameters for Improving Rate of Penetration Safely
Darlington Etaje, University of Calgary
Session 4:
Borehole Hydraulics and Wellbore Stability
17:00 Development of a novel percussion mechanism for a mud driven down-the-hole hammer
Philip Schroer, Fraunhofer IEG
17:30 The Application of Simulation During a Mud Hammer Development Project
Michel Bannenberg, Clausthal University of Technology
18:00 Coffee Break & Networking
18:30 Conference Evening
Wednesday, 14th September 2022


09:00 - 10:30
Session 5:
Geothermal Energy
09:00 Assessing the Impact of Temperature Cycles on Well Cement in Low Enthalpy Geothermal Wells
Al Moghadam, TNO - the Netherlands Organisation for applied scientific research
10:30 Underbalanced Geothermal well Workover combining traditional oil & gams with innovative cuttings removal technologies to develop
Abdul Saboor, Weatherford
10:00 The Digital Transformation of High Temperature Geothermal Wellbore Integrity Monitoring
Reza Khastoo, Scientific Drilling
Session 6:
Case Studies, Energy Efficiency
09:00 Micro Turbine Drilling - A new drilling technology for drilling micro sidetracks from cased borgeholes into hard reservoir rock
Niklas Geissler, Fraunhofer IEG
09:30 Reducing CO2 emissions at well planning stage, through data modelling and simulation
Holger Egbers, KCA Deutag
10:00 LWD Acquisition of Caliper and Drilling Mechanics as a New Approach on Geothermal Drilling Operation, A Case Study in SorikMarapi Field - Indonesia
Vinda Manurung, Halliburton


10:30 Coffee Break, Networking & ePosters
ePoster 1 Transferring succesful oil- and gas stimulation technology to geothermal and marginal oil- and gas fields
Ronald den Boogert, Radial Drilling Europe
ePoster 2 Geothermal Wells / Drilling Equipment and Software
Marc Anderson, HydroVolve UK


11:00 - 12:30
Session 7:
Well Integrity / Completion
11:00 Cement Spacer Fluids - How much do we have to care?
Oliver Czuprat, Wintershall Dea Technology & Service Center
Natalie Zamora Anders, Halliburton Company Germany
11:30 A digital solution leveraging the barrier definition to quntify and mitigate operational risks
Husnu Ogur Cengiz, Schlumberger
12:00 Well integrity monitoring with fiber-optic technologies - Experiences and Possibilities
Johannes Hart, GFZ Potsdam
Session 8:
Data / Simulation
11:00 Delivering Datia in Ultrahigh Temperature Wells from Gulf of Thailand to Europe: A Case Study from a Dutch North Sea Well
Davide Di Tommaso, Weatherford
11:30 Stochastic Solution to Well Planning
Daria Krasova, AGR Software
12:00 Tuning of a PID-Controller Based Kick Handling Solution in a Simulated Environment
Hozan Ibrahim, Clausthal University of Technology


12:30 Lunch Break, Networking & ePosters
ePoster 3 Analysis of Gelling properties of Drilling Fluid and Improved Modelling og Gelling behaviour
Jahanzaibb Mazhar, University of Stavanger
ePoster 4 Full-scale Infrastructure for well barrier integrity experiments and technology verification
Dave Gardener, NORCE


13:30 - 15:00
Session 9:
Well Integrity / Completion
13:30 Well Integrity Management System in Weoll Operation Phase
Natasya Maura, Wintershall DEA Germany
14:00 Innovative Technology Solution for Cap Rock Seal in a CCS Apllication by Wellbore Interception
Jamie Dorey, Scientific Drilling International
14:30 The Disregarded Potential Failure Mechanism of Casing String to be discovered via Innovative Design of Multiaxial Fatigue Setup
Arash Asgarzadeh, Claushtal Technical University
Session 10:
Data / Simulation
13:30 Understanding real-time drilling dynamics using digital twin
Shanti Swaroop Kandala, University of Calgary
14:00 Retrofit high speed downhole communication
Robert Ewald, NORCE
15:00 Visit of Drilling Simulator Celle - Research Institute
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16:00 End of Conference

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